Flight Simulator Scenery

Spokane's Looff carrousel has been featured in a scenery package for use with Microsoft's Flight Simulator! Now you can do a fly-by of Spokane, take an aerial tour of Riverfront Park, buzz the clock tower and see our carrousel all while sitting at your computer. And as you approach the carrousel, you'll even be able to hear the music from our Ruth band organ!

Flight Simulator Scenery Flight Simulator Scenery

All 20 rows of our animals are visible as you fly by, and they're arranged in the same order as they appear on the carrousel! And a feature of the flight simulator, slew mode, allows the user to move around slowly in any directory to take in the scenery (or to enjoy the music!)

Flight Simulator Scenery Flight Simulator Scenery

This scenery package was created by Spokane resident Lou Frost, and is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight. It is available on spokanecarrousel.org at the links below:

Spokane Scenery Package (1.4mb)
Optional Ruth Band Organ sound for Spokane Scenery Package(1.5mb)

Questions about the Spokane Scenery Package should be directed to Lou Frost.

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