Revenue - Blueprint for a Dream

The carrousel has provided a steady source of revenue for Riverfront Park since it was installed at the park in 1975. Some of the revenue is directly traceable to the carrousel, while other profits are realized indirectly from the carrousel.

Chattanooga, TN
Their new building and the dream of a new design. The "Dream Carrousel" building utilizes modern materials but is based on traditional styling. This picture shows part of their front entrance complex of their new river front park.
Ticket Revenue:
Increased ticket revenue on a new facility with climate control, improved access and better general presentation and facilities is common. Climate control also allows year-round operation, again offering the potential for greater revenue.

The customer stays longer, rides more and spends more in the food court or souvenir shop. This is also assisted by sight recognition of a new carrousel styled building, improved signage and expanded hours. All equal increased income.

Combined with the gondola, it causes the customer to consider a ride to view the Falls. It is also adjacent to the proposed Post Street Pedestrian Bridge and thus becomes the center of the new focus and entrance to the River Gorge - Centennial Trail expansion.

Group Sales:
Expanded facilities that include more useable space, a catering kitchen, outside secure seating and patio areas, portable interior walls that provide for multiple bookings and expanded time for group activities results in increased group sales income.

Another view of Chattanooga, showing the neighboring interactive fountain in the center triangle of the complex. The complex includes locker rooms and bathroom facilities for the fountain users in the Walker Pavilion.
Untraceable Income:
An improved carrousel facility along with a new South Entrance presentation of Riverfront Park offer the potential of indirect income. By providing a new and improved gondola facility, a new interactive fountain, better access to the vistas of the river, appropriate support facilities and a new, comfortable, historical, educational carrousel building, we can make a statement to the public that this is a community that has natural beauty, is fun and believes in the quality of life.

It opens up the park to downtown Spokane instead of insulating it from view. This translates into more business that equals more sales tax revenue and more jobs. The tourist or local shopper parks more, stays longer, and spends more. They also spend more quality time in the downtown core. Downtown Spokane becomes a total destination experience!

Chattanooga’s Center Plaza entrance. Carrousel is located on the left with Walker Pavilion on right and fountain in center. It is the centerpiece of a new river front park adjacent to a business core redevelopment center. The "Dream Design" also houses group sales and fountain support facilities.

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