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27-Aug-2010 Doug Salberg (Salem, OR USA)
The picture of Latton's Kiddie Land brings back lots of memories. Worked there from 1956-60. I also worked for the Latton's when they built a bowling center in Oldtown, Ida 1961-1962. They were also stockholders in Imperial Lanes in Spokane. Paul Quam...If you read this ...Hello

25-Apr-2010 Marissa Hull (Cheney, WA United States)
I love the carrousel so much!!! Every time my friends and I go to riverfront park we have to ride it!

12-Apr-2010 B Anderson (Anaheim, Ca USA)
When I was young I lived in Spokane between 1958-1960. The highlights of my memories were going to Nat Park, and riding the carrousel. Thanks for keeping it alive.

12-Nov-2009 Nancy Hutchins (Tujunga, CA United States)
I just found the picture of my great-grandmother, Emma Vogel, with my grandfather, Harold, along with the other incredible pictures on your website. My mother, Charleen Vogel Cowan, has visited the Spokane carousel & I've been told how beautiful it is but I've never been there. Now that I see the pictures, I've got to find a way to ride it. Thank you so much for preserving the carousel heritage.
Nancy Hutchins, Charles Looff's great-great grandaughter

04-Sep-2009 Karen Ruth (Clovis, California U.S.)
I went to Nat. Park when I was a little girl and have been in love with the carrousel ever since. When I visit Spokane I make sure I ride the carrousel. Thank you to all who keep this history alive, not just for the older generation but for the younger generation. THANKS

27-Jun-2009 Terry M. Moore (Culver City, California USA)
I loved riding the 'Merry go-round' at Nat park. We all called it that when we were kids. I was so young I could barely reach the steel arm feeding the rings. One time I got the gold ring but dropped it. (If you got a gold ring you got a free ride). I yelled so loud you could have heard it on Division St. The guy ran over and picked it up. I thought of all the times I rode on the Merry go round and finally got the gold ring and dropped it and now the fellow was going to take that away from me.

When the ride stopped he gave it to me and then I gave it back to him, he was the employee, and I got my free ride. Oh those Nat Park and the Merry go-round (Carousel)adventures were some of the best memories of my boy hood. Thank you for saving the Carousel. One of my neighbor friends actually stole a steel ring. We thought that was so terrible, yet never dreamed of taking one. I think he ended up at McNeil Island for bank robbery.

19-Jun-2009 Nancy Mathes (Elma, WA USA)
I wanted to say that your site has some of the BEST photos I have ever seen of Carousel horses.. I loved the pictures of how they restored Billy Bob, and also "take a horse apart"!

I'm a Long Time Carousel lover, its a thrill to look at all the photos you have and think of them being so old and having been a part of so many children's lives.. Its very inspiring to me.

I really love that you have names for most of your horses, I did wonder why there was no black Carousel horses? I know when I rode them as a kid, I alway's went to the Black, Buckskin or Palomino horse first! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site, My husband, our son and I plan on coming down to ride and take pictures this summer just as soon as my husband gets home from Iraq, I just can't wait to see Prince in person, I'm a fan of the Mid Evil Carousel horses the most.

Thank you.. Nancy Mathes.

27-Mar-2009 The Spovangelist (Spokane, Washington USA)
Thank you for making it so easy to blog about this outstanding piece of community heritage. Your website is fun and informative and it is obvious that the carousel is in good hands!

You can read my article here:

10-Jan-2009 Liz (Ann Arbor, MI)
During my last trip back to Spokane after being away for about 10 years the first thing i wanted to do wast to ride this carousel. I have been on others but there is no other carousel like this one.

I have to say that luck was on my side that day. when it was my turn to ride i was first in line so i was able to get my favorite horse. Despite being first in line and an adult I had to restrain myself from running to Daisy. My luck didn't end there because I fulfilled my childhood dream. While riding Daisy I GOT THE GOLDEN RING.

To this day I still can't believe that i got the gold ring. I grew up in Spokane and had ridden the carousel at least 100 times but I was never able to get the gold ring. By the way, it is true that if you get the gold ring while riding Daisy the Wishing Horse your wish comes true because i was able to ride my favorite carousel Tiger for free!

06-Aug-2008 Rebecca Carr (Barrhead, AB Canada)
We recently visited Spokane and the Riverfront Park and truly enjoyed riding the Looff Carousel. Upon scrapbooking our pictures, I was pleased to find so much information about the origins of the carousel and am excited that you have taken the time to share this with the world.

It is a pleasure to see people keeping in touch with the rich history of our countries. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

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