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25-Feb-2008 Eric Thompson (Spokane, wa usa)
One of the best and informative sites on the net. My entry is not very interesting but it's typed with passion.

21-Feb-2008 Margaret Bodine (Elkton, MD USA)
As a child our family used to go to Nat Park and ride all day! My most favorite ride was the Carousel, and the white horses. Am still trying to figure out which one was my favorite horse. It has been so long since I was out in Spokane. Last time I was there we rode the carousel and caught rings to throw into the clown's mouth. What fun! Great website!!

02-Feb-2008 Christina Kimberlin (Bermuda Dunes, California USA)
What a fantastic carousel. Keep up the great work!!!

05-Sep-2007 Dennis Taylor (San Jose, CA USA)
Enjoyed visiting your website-I found it on Google while looking for Ruth Band Organs!! I knew there was an original Looff in Spokane, but not much else about it.

Are you folks famaliar with the original 1911 Looff Carousel at the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, Calif?? That is where we always go for fun at the beach. It is the original Looff also with its original Ruth und Sohn band organ, built in 1894 in Germany, and I believe also brought over by "Charles". Santa Cruz Seaside Co. operates the mile long bordwalk, and has also done a great job preserving and maintaining their Carousel. In the past, they bought up Looff horses from other parks which were closing in Calif. Right now the Ruth organ is off being refurbished, and they have a large Wurlitzer operating in its place, but I am looking forward to seeing and hearing their Ruth when it gets reinstalled. It sounds alot like yours in your sound clips.

You can find more info about the Santa Cruz Carousel on their website at
When I get up to Spokane, I will definitely make a point of visiting your fine Looff!! I am excited to see groups like yours and those at Santa Cruz preserving these priceless historical treasures!!

18-Aug-2007 Carol Volland Stewart (Otis Orchards, WA USA)
I have fond memories of riding the carrousel at Nat Park when I was a kid. My kids enjoyed riding the same carrousel at RiverFront Park. It was nice that it could be moved from Nat Park to it's current home. Thanks Gary for putting this website together.

13-Jan-2007 Darinachka (Moscow Russia)
Very interesting and very pretty website. :)
Good luck and keep up good work. Darina

10-Jul-2006 kristi nelson (cosmopolis, wa usa)
Gary, this is great website so much info..I really enjoyed it alot.

09-Jul-2006 phyllis williams (Wilmington, Delaware USA)
Really like the site. Hope to visit area next year

27-Nov-2005 Sheila Espinoza (Spokane, Washington)
I want to say "thank you" for such a wonderful website on our city's carrousel. My daughter had to do a school report on a Spokane Landmark and she instantly knew she wanted to do it on the carrousel, since it has been the place she has visited every summer since she was a little girl. Your website provided alot of information for her report as well as fun information that we enjoyed reading. Keep up the good work!
The Espinoza Family

02-Oct-2005 K.M. (Spokane, WA USA)
I just wanted to let you all know how great your website is. I've been one of the people lucky enough to work at the carrousel as a high school job and love all of the information to be found here! Keep up the great work!

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