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Sneaky the Tiger
Sneaky the Tiger
We're always looking for ways to improve our site. Check this page often to find the recent changes and additions!

  • The 100 Year Celebration
    A slide show of events leading up to our carrousel's 100th birthday!
  • Spokane Carrousel Gift Shop
    This slide show pictures the layout and products offered in the gift shop at our carrousel. (Added April, 2008)
  • Carousel Maintenance and Touchup
    This slide show describes the maintenance and touchup that is performed each year on our carrousel figures. (Added January, 2008)
  • Carousel Horse in Motion
    We've added an animation of Miss Liberty in motion. You'll be surprised at what a camera can pick up! (Added September, 2007)
  • The Circus Wagon
    This unique circus wagon was hand carved by a group of indivduals in Missoula, Montana. (Added October, 2006)
  • Carousel on Parade
    We've added a pictorial presentaion of Carousel on Parade, a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald house in Spokane. You'll find pictures of 13 horses, 7 giraffes, 1 okapi and 5 tigers, all painted with imagination by local artists! (Added October, 2006)
  • Meet Billy Bob!
    We've added a pictorial presentation for Billy Bob, our brand new antique Looff goat! (Added March, 2006)

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