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Sneaky Tigers by Looff

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Courtesy: Pam Hessey and Gary Nance

The sneaky tiger is a rare figure used in Looff carousels around 1910. There are only three of them known to exist, and here they are, combined into one picture! From left to right:

  1. Restored and painted by Pam Hessey, Hawk's Eye Studio. This tiger is painted with artist's tube oils and color glazes over the wood, allowing the natural wood to show through the finish.

  2. Wood restoration by Tim Racer, painting and leafing by Pam Hessey. This tiger was painted with artist's tube oils and leafed with aluminum and 23 karat gold leaf.

  3. Restoration and paint by Bette Largent. This tiger was painted with a combination of tube oils and alkyd paint enamels, for the intense color of oils and the durability of enamels. The durability is necessary because it's still ridden daily at Spokane's Riverfront Park. For more information, see Bette's article, Give Up The Ghost! on our website.

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