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Information about operating hours and pricing

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Carousel Horse Carving
A photo presentation on the steps required to create a carousel horse, courtesy of Bob Cherot and The Montana Carousel Company, Inc.

Gift Shop
A photo presentation on the layout and products in the Spokane Carrousel gift shop

Spokane Facts
Facts about our 1909 Looff Carousel

Spokane Myths
Some myths that have evolved around our carousel

Spokane Statistics
Some statistics that our carousel has built up over the years

Spokane Carousels
Other carousels that have been in Spokane in the past

Money or Romance?
Find out about the money side and the romance side of our carousel animals

Horse Colors
A description of some of the colors of our ponies

Fun Facts
Things you probably didn't know about carousels

By Any Other Name
What do other countries call carousels?

Educational Materials
Some educational aids for studying our carousel, our band organ and the history of Spokane



Annual Touchup
A description of the annual maintenance performed on the Spokane carrousel

A Horse is a Horse
Information about painting realistic zebras

All That Gold
An article about working with gold leaf

Carving Replacements
An article about carving replacement legs

Restoring and refinishing a pair of 1909 Looff chariots

Give Up the Ghost!
From primer to paint, featuring Sneaky the Tiger

It Was a Wonder Horse
A three-part article about turning a child's spring-loaded wonder horse into a decorative carousel-style horse

Music to Paint By
Use music to set the mood for painting carousels

Paint the Ponies
Painting a historic carousel dapple horse

Paint, Paint, Paint
Selecting the proper paint for the job

Painting a Flaghorse
A four-part article which details the painting of Patriot, a flag horse for Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Painting With Gold
Using gold paint to make your carousel sparkle

Priming Your Figure
Primer, the most important part of your paint job

Red Cloud
The restoration of Red Cloud, a Pinto Brothers aluminum horse

Restoration Safety
Safety practices when working with restoration materials

The Painting of Rooster
A 7-part article about the painting and restoring Rooster, a c. 1925 Herschell-Spillman carousel horse from the Wheaton, Maryland Merry-Go-Round



Northwest Carousels
Links to carousels in the Northwest United States

New Carousels
Links to newly-constructed carousel sites

Other Carousel Links
Links to other interesting carousel sites



Carousel Figures
Pictures of all of our carousel figures

Carousel Pictures
Miscellaneous pictures of our carousel

Pictures sent in by visitors to our site

Band Organ
Pictures and information about our 1903 Ruth band organ

100-year Celebration
Pictures from our 2009 100-year celebration

Some pictures and descriptions of the mechanics of our carousel

Meet Billy Bob!
A pictorial presentation of the restoration of our 1885 Looff Goat

A Girl Scout Tour
A photo presentation of a carousel tour given to a small group of girl scouts

Take Apart Horse
A demo horse that shows the internal construction of carousel figures

A specially designed cachet envelope for our carousel

Nat Park Tickets
Do you remember The Nat? Then you'll enjoy looking at some of these tickets!

The Lighter Side
Carousel figures out of context

Ronald McDonald House
A photo presentation for a Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser, featuring carousel horses decorated by local artists

The Circus Wagon
A hand-carved Circus Wagon created in Missoula, Montana



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