Carving Replacement Parts
Spokane Carrousel - 2008
Bette L. Largent

This show details the steps taken to perform repair and replacement of the legs on some of our carousel horses.

The redesign and addition of metal step stirrups prevented further damage to the figures in the late 1960s. Originally, one small peg on romance side was only thing available and riders used the legs for ladders.

The old floppy metal stirrups attached to the side of the horses were also removed. Also new glue and technology allows us to repair original pieces. However, some replacement is necessary if the wood is completely abused from wood tears and previous repairs. Often the best solution is replacement of 1 to 4 inches of wood that is inserted into the bad section and the old pieces adjusted and placed back on the figure.

In 99 years, the Spokane 1909 carrousel has only had 2 hip replacements of 1-4 inches on back legs of the giraffe; One hip section of 6 inches in the tiger; three bottom leg sections between knee and ankle replaced on 3 outside row figures, and one bottom leg including hoof as shown in these photos.

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