A Carousel by any other name is still a carousel!

Around the world, carousels have picked up many nicknames or have been translated, wholly or partially, into a variety of local languages. Listed here for your reading enjoyment and/or just plain curiosity are a number of examples.

Little Beauty
Little Beauty

  • France: manege de chevaux de bois ("a riding ring of wooden horses"), carousel
  • Gremany: karussel
  • Italy: torneo
  • Japan: kaiten mokuba ("turning wooden horse"), merro-go-round, merigo-raundo
  • Netherlands: stoomcaroussel
  • Norway: karusell, rundkjoring
  • Spain: caballitos ("little horses"), tio vivo ("lively uncle")
  • United Kingdom: roundabout, carousel, galloper, whirligig, tilts
  • United States: carousel, flying horses, whirligig, steam riding gallery, carry-us-all, flying (or spinning) jinny, hobby horses, merry-go-round, flying Dutchmen, steam circus

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