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Spokane's Looff Carousel Education Guide

The materials in this document are intended as aids for elementary classroom curriculum when studying Spokane history and the Spokane Carousel. And of course, the process wouldn't be complete without a field trip to the carousel!

Also included in this document is the application form that was used when the Spokane Carousel applied for and received acceptance into the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

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Spokane Preservation Advocates

Spokane Preservation Advocates is an organization devoted to historic preservation in the Spokane area. Their goals are:

  • Provide an active voice in preservation issues.
  • Do hands-on preservation work.
  • Fund preservation efforts.
  • Communicate with other preservation organizations and actively involve them in issues and projects.
  • Provide a vehicle for broad-based communication through a newsletter and membership meetings.
  • Celebrate preservation accomplishments through special events.
  • Support Spokane's Historic Preservation Office.

A Glossary of Band Organ Terms

Reprinted with permission from the Carousel News and Trader, November, 1995.

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