The Lighter Side

Our animals seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to staying in the carousel building. You just never know where you might find them during their off hours.

No matter where they go, though, they're always back in time for work!

Important Note: No carousel animals were harmed during the production of this website.

Carousel Horse in Motion
(Apologies to Eadweard Muybridge)

Athena visits Buzz Aldrin
It's estimated that our carousel figures have traveled the equivalent of the distance to the moon and part way back. It looks like Athena stopped for a little run while she was there.

Cisco in the Sky

Mount Horsemore
Mount Horsemore
Heartland, USA

Looff Point
Looff Point
Spokane, Washington

Snow Dancer at the Airport
Mine! It's all MINE!
Snow Dancer likes a little time to herself now and then, and has found that she can run all she wants on the baggage carousel at Spokane International Airport, without having to share the track with her friends!

Rainbow Warrior in the Park

Rainbow Warrior, out for an early morning run

Gerri in the Trees

Geri Giraffe trying to acquire a taste for evergreen needles

Joker on Bloomsday

Joker posing for pictures with the Bloomsday runners

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