Money or Romance?

While you're watching a carousel from the sidelines, it's easy to miss the fact that all carousel horses are not created equal. In fact, not only is there a difference between horses, but also between sides of the same horse!

Our carousel rotates counter-clockwise. So all of the carousel animals are positioned with their right sides facing outward. This side (which is most visible to the public) is known as the romance side. The jewels, the most ornate carvings and the nicest artistry appear only on this side.

Click to see Oliver's Pride
Oliver's Pride
Romance Side
Click to see Oliver's Pride
Oliver's Pride
Money Side
The left side of the horse is known as the money side. When the customers are getting on this side of the horse, they have already paid their money. (Mounting a horse from the left side is standard throughout the world. Horses are trained for this, and may buck off a would-be rider attempting to mount from the other side.)

The figures in the outside ring are not only the most intricate, they're also the largest. The inside ring figures are the smallest.

The difference in detail between the sides was probably done more for cost savings than for any other reason. The decreasing size of the horses in the inner rings provided a cost savings too, though it was somewhat of a necessity as the diameter of the inner rings is smaller than that of the outer ring.

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