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27-Nov-2005 Sheila Espinoza (Spokane, Washington)
I want to say "thank you" for such a wonderful website on our city's carrousel. My daughter had to do a school report on a Spokane Landmark and she instantly knew she wanted to do it on the carrousel, since it has been the place she has visited every summer since she was a little girl. Your website provided alot of information for her report as well as fun information that we enjoyed reading. Keep up the good work!
The Espinoza Family

02-Oct-2005 K.M. (Spokane, WA USA)
I just wanted to let you all know how great your website is. I've been one of the people lucky enough to work at the carrousel as a high school job and love all of the information to be found here! Keep up the great work!

22-Sep-2005 Leo Haeren (Blackbutt, Queensland Australia)
Dear People at Spokane Carousel,

Greetings from Australia Queensland, I want to say how great your website is and very informative.

I am a carousel lover all my life and dream since a little boy to build one my self, so now at 54 I have started to first build a new workshop that is truly on its way of being done, and also I am working on my Horses (drawing them, etc., etc.)

I can not do all the things on my own, one does not build a carousel just like that, so I have already made some nice contact with a person from Spokane, and from here on shall hope to hear from people, and tell me things about building a carousel.

But now to your carousel in Spokane, what a great carousel it is, and the love of many people who keep it in order, including the great bandorgan, so to anyone who is involved with the carousel, thank you for you are doing a great job not only for Spokane and the USA, but for many people around the world, including here in Australia, there are many people who love carousels for it brings back times of great joy and love!

Thank you again, keep it turning as one says in carousel terms.

Warm greetings from Australia, Queensland
Leo and family

19-Aug-2005 Virginia Moon Glabb (Priest River, Idaho U. S. A.)
Wow,how well do I remember the Nat. The roller coaster looked like you were going to fly into the river, and of the the merry go round, the loop-a-plane. We lovd it all. I started going there at a very young age and continued through world war 11. No body has mentioned the Tillacum picnic. we would get rolls of tickets for a little of nothing and ride all day. One day we were riding the bumpum cars and a cute boy was taking the money. We would give him 50 cents and he would give us 50 cents back in change and so on for a long time. There were a lot of service men at that time. The park was beautiful, giant trees, and very peaceful.

02-Jul-2005 Christian Stordahl (Spokane, WA)
I was looking for fun facts to put in my son's baby book about the carousel, to go along with his picture on the ride. Your site made it easy to find, and had great information that I am sure he will enjoy for years to come.

20-Jun-2005 Joey Chavez (Natick, MA USA)
Hey just wanted to say, I used to work there! I used to always tell you to get off the horses before the ride started! haha! Well just thought I would say thanks for the site, its nice for a soldier away from home to see!! Thx!!

29-Apr-2005 cherokee nagy (Charles City, Iowa USA)
I love carousels. I'm a kid at heart and always will be!

19-Feb-2005 Vicki Magee (Spokane, Wa USA)
Thanks for sending me this link Gary! It sure brings back memories from when I was a little girl in the 60's when my Dad would get tickets to Nat Park and then surprise us a few days later with an outing to the amusement park. I remember the butterflies I would have in my stomach on the way there.

My favorite ride was the Jack Rabbit and my Dad would get a kick out of watching my sister's and my face as we screamed going down that first hill. Another one of my best memories would be of the carrousel and making sure I got an outside horse so I could be sure to grab those rings and hopefully get the gold one! I never did get a gold one.

I was so happy to see the carrousel come back to life in 1974 for our Expo 74 here in Spokane. I had to ride it again, then, for the memories.

05-Feb-2005 j korten (weert 6004 at 72, limburg netherlands)
owner off ruth 35 built in 1926

08-Jan-2005 Lois Scherer (Essex Jct., VT USA)
I have ridden and loved carousels since before I could walk when my parents took me to Coney Island to ride the carousels every weekend. First I needed to be held on and later rode myself not once but till I was dizzy. Must be why I grew up dizzy.

Your band organ is just beautiful. When I listened to the short clips I could not help but cry. People today just don't know the simple joy of riding a real (not fiberglass) carousel.

I think if I were a rich person most of my money would go to restoration & maintenance of carousels. When the old originals are gone, just like an animal species, it is forever. Thank God there are still some caring people around and my hope is that there always will be.

Not being a millionaire, I have concentrated on collecting carousel art and only recently was able to purchase my 1st and probably last restored carousel horse by the Charles Dare Co. This horse has one of the most beautiful heads I have seen on a Dare made more realistic by glass horse eyes. No it will never be a Loof, or Dentzel etc. but Dare had one of the 1st Carousel Companies in existance.

It had to start somewhere just as restoration of your wonderful carousel had to start from the ground up. So take care of that wonderful carousel. Best Wishes to all the hard workers from the other side of the USA from someone that rides one every night in dreamland.

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