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27-Mar-2004 Bob & Sandy Cherot (Somers, Montana USA)
It's the biggest and greatest carousel we have ever had the pleasure of riding. The horses look great and well cared for. Thank you Bette Largent and friends for your untiring dedication in taking such good care of it for future generations to enjoy. It's truly a treasure.

22-Mar-2004 Jerry & Marilyn Reinhardt (Stilwell, Kansas USA)
Great Web site. Great Carousel. You make us all proud. Thank you for preserving something very special.

17-Mar-2004 Kim Blumhagen (Spokane Valley, WA USA)
I just LOVE the brass rings in the title. How original!!

16-Mar-2004 J & S Larkin (Colfax)
Gary, Keep up the good work. J & S

15-Mar-2004 Paul Quam, President: Spo Antique Carousel Society (Spokane, WA USA)
Really enjoy seeing a quality web page on our Spokane Carousel. I have been associated with it since 1942 when I was 5. Now Iam 66 and very much involved. I do the sound recording of the Ruth, and Videos too.

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