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31-Dec-2004 Ken Funk (Citrus Heights, CA, California USA)
This so wonderful to see a great carousel restored and the restoration of it's organ as well! Tell me how to get a CD of it's playing. I hope everyone there appreciates the joy of such a wonderful marvel! Happy New Year 2005!

17-Nov-2004 Bob & Sandy Cherot (Somers, Montana USA)
Great web site to show off an even greater carrousel. Especially liked the TAH horse. :o)
Grandkids love the coloring book. Super idea.

16-Jun-2004 Lynne S. (Massachusetts)
This site is so wonderful. This carousel highly resembles the Looff at Crescent Park RI (which has the ring machine and clown target for throwning rings). The horses are so beautiful, true works of art! I look forward to more additions to your site!

01-Jun-2004 Ernest W. Harper, Jr. (302 Sunset Ave. , Huntsville,, Alabama, 35801 U.S.A.)
I just found your website and you have done a great job. I restored a 1895 Looff, M.S. Stevens has appraisal as one of his standers. I have photos if I may send you a copy. I got this computer for my 80th birthday so I am find out the world of computers. I would like to find the carrousel my stander came from but have not had much luck. Any ideas ? I enjoyed the website!!

26-May-2004 Jeannette Hersman (Biglerville, PA usa)
Wow seeing the carousel brought many wonderful memories especially when I was in 6th grade we two field trips on the same day visiting the local paper and doing a trivia game around Riverfront park. I remeber, the teacher giving me a ticket to ride the Spokane Carousel. I hope soon I will take my daughter soon to the carousel. Oh say "hi" to the paper eating Goat right next to the carousel. He does a fine job keeping that park clean around the carousel.

12-Apr-2004 Ashley (Victoria, B.C Canada)
This is awsome...Keep up all the good work!!

07-Apr-2004 Bruce Oscarson (Spokane, WA)
I must have seen the carousel at Nat Park, but the first time I really remember seeing it is in the early 1970s. I was part of a group of elementary students writing a book to raise money to restore the carousel. We traveled out to Fairchild AFB to view a bunch of dusty and neglected horses piled in an old warehouse. I only recall part of one line from the book: "a bunch of dilapidated old horses". To see the carousel now gives me even more respect for the work that went into its restoration and the value of this treasure.

02-Apr-2004 Wendy & Susan Hays (Las Vegas, NV Clark)
Thanks so much for this website!!! We miss everyone in Spokane, but especially we miss hearing the sweet sound of the carrousel. Thanks for the memories!
Wendy, Susan and Dellainey

02-Apr-2004 D. & K. Bryant (Spokane, WA USA)
we enjoyed seeing the picture of Sharon Bowers and her horse, Tina.
We also enjoyed the web site.

01-Apr-2004 Gary Nance (Spokane, WA USA)
Today is the day that we're unveiling our web site to the world. It's been great to have the opportunity to work on this site. Thanks, Bette, for all of the help and information!

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