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31-Oct-2021 Doug Zimmer (Snohomish, WA USA)
I went to work at the Carrousel the week after Bill Oliver died. What started as a mere job became a love affair, as happens when working with such marvellous creatures. Daisy Oliver (quite a character) sold the tickets. There were the regular worries about adults not wanting to put their belts on or their stepping on the horses' legs, along with occasional trips into the pit to collect errant steel rings. But beyond the ticket-taking, running the ring arm, and even operating the carrousel, there was the times when we could gaze across the deck and listen to the band organ pumping out the Estudianza, Paper Dolly and American Patrol.

During shutdowns, horse legs would be repegged, crank arms inspected, and the deck cleaned and repainted. Rollin Hand and his wife were the official painters at the time.

I became very curious about the history of the machine and its residents. My manager made arrangements for me to dig through the well-indexed but fragile "graveyard" of the Spokesman-Review for Carrousel articles from the early to mid 20th Century. I was able to produce a history pamphlet for the Carrousel, which was published by the Parks Department, as well as in a national carousel organization's newsletter (under my boss' name. since he was the member). If there had been a World Wide Web back then, I would have endeavored a page, but I doubt I would have done better than you. Thank you for a most thorough and caring website about Spokane's most active antique!

09-Jun-2020 Martha (Federal Way, WA US)
Loved your website. Even as an adult I love riding the colorful and beautiful carousel horses. I want to paint carousel statues with beautiful colors and wonderful designs that would make anyone riding them be in Dreamland or riding to mysterious and wonderful places!

13-Jul-2015 Thomas A. Marabello (Spokane Valley, Washington U.S.A.)
I have ridden the Loof Nat Park -Riverfront Park carrousel all of my 62 years, and also rode the one at Latton's Kiddie Land on division. There was also a small carrousel at the corner of Welesely and Division for a few years, and I rode that one too. It was different than Latton's, and they were there at the same time. Lots of fond memories, plus I have a couple of original Nat Park steel rings, and a very old cardboard sign advertising the "Plunge" swimming pool at "the Nat". T.A Marabello, Spokane Valley, Wa.

03-May-2015 George Andrews (Mableton (Atlanta), Georgia U.S.A.)
Hello, I never got a chance to visit you when I lived in Spokane. I've been a carousel band organ nutt all my life. Now that I'm retired, disabled. I'm hoping to budget a little cash for the arts. HOPE I'LL BE IN TOUCH SOON.

03-Nov-2013 Bette Largent (Spokane, Wa)
The Spokane Carrousel will be closed through November 28 for some emergency repairs. Yes, at our age, most repairs are tragic but these are from being a popular spot to visit with your family. We will be open for the holiday season and many special family Christmas memories! Bring your family down for a merry ride on our lovely carousel.

05-Jul-2013 Bette Largent (Spokane, WA US of A)
In honor of its 104th year and National Carousel Day, the Spokane 1909 Looff Carrousel will have a special birthday party including cake on July 19th. Come join us at the No.1 Tourist Attraction in Spokane!

01-Mar-2013 Bette Largent (Spokane, WA USA)
The carousel opened today for the 2013 season. It was a great day, everything shiny with fresh paint - from the floor to the ponies! Missoula Lilac and Billy Bob will be spinning along with the rest of the horses for a while as we give some TLC to Athena and Corbin. Come on it and join us for a historical ride!

02-Aug-2012 Bette (Spokane)
Have you visited the carousel lately? It might look a tad different. We are restoring the upper crown in the middle so it is not on the carousel. It has only been painted twice before, when new and in l974 in preparation for its coming to Riverfront Park.

AND we are operating on the old motor-belt-drive system. You can watch the attendants handle the drive stick just like they did in 1909.

18-Jul-2011 Mindy Leach-Kirchmann (Aloha, Oregon Washington)
I have loved this carrousel all my life! I have even brought my children up to Spokane just to ride it! ... What's an eight hour drive anyway?

31-Jan-2011 Esther Hillary (Lebanon, Oregon USA)
I vividly remember the carousel at Wellesly & Division from my childhood in the 50's & 60's. It was our favorite place! Rides were .10 each or 12 for $1. They also had a mini Ferris Wheel (baskets), roller coaster and car ride that my little brother liked. It was a real treat for us kids when we visited our Grandmother in Spokane every summer!

There was another one (on a hill) that didn't have as many rides - it may have been the Latton's Kiddie Land on your web page. We also went to Nat Park, but not as often as the carousel was .25 a ride. We were so disappointed when it was sold. Nice to see it up & running again last time we were in Spokane! I'm working on Family History project & hope to get my Dad to locate & loan me his old photo albums. If I find anything, I'll send it on to you. Have fun with this project!

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