Combined Approach Advantage - Blueprint for a Dream

With the upcoming projects to add the Rotary fountain, remodel the Gondola depot and replace the carrousel building, there are a number of advantages to designing these projects as a set rather than as individual projects.

Proposed Location
Proposed new location, Riverfront Park, Locust Lane. In a straight line from current gondola structure and at end of Wall St. Combined approach for gondola, cafe and new carrousel structure.
Construction Cost Savings:
There is a natural cost savings in combining projects. Each project - gondola, fountain support services, and the carrousel, need common facilities: heating, electrical, air conditioning, and operational labor.

A site location along Locust Lane would eliminate the structural costs of a new patio at the current carrousel site, reduce downtime and loss of revenue during construction, reduce the costs of gondola extension, and reduce the costs of the fountain project. All can be operated in a “business as usual” manner until the non-operational season for relocation into the new facilities.

The Rotary Fountain, relocated to the current carrousel site, is a free interactive fountain which would not impact current park income by moving it to the end of the reconstruction schedule. The costs of pad, plumbing, and sewer lines is reduced for this project as well.

Republic Building
Republic Merry-go-round building, community center, and new fairground restrooms. The only way they could achieve enough funding was to combine with the needs of the fairgrounds and community
Republic's Kitchen
Republic, Washington's new catering kitchen. A Washington state certified kitchen in a 16 x 20 foot space.
Appearance and Appeal:
Relocation would open up the main Howard Street Corridor to allow a vista view of the entire South entrance of Riverfront Park. Due to the size of the needed new carrousel facility a new building would dramatically block one of the best views of the interior of the park a well as one of the more popular accesses to the river. It also blocks the view of the downtown from the North.

A relocation to Locust Lane only interferes with the view of the operational points of the Avista system, service vehicles and dumpsters. The river is already blocked at this location by a low wall. It would place all revenue generating services in the same location with better service vehicle access.

New Building in the Old Location
New in an old location. Proposed brick structure on old site of Spokane Carrousel. Good building with greater height, but it blocks the view of the river. Added cost due to the loss of revenue during construction. The Rotary fountain in this location would allow the viewer to see through to the river or park areas.

By placing the Rotary Fountain in the current carrousel location, a necessary change to the current park drop-off area (the foyer of the park) is eliminated. This is another cost savings in construction as well as retaining an important safety factor due to the buffering of the Spokane Falls traffic from park visitors, including pedestrians and children.

An open Howard Street corridor has the advantage of accessibility for emergency and service vehicles as well as a possible planned people-mover from North and South. Planned with an open plaza feel, the visitor and the pedestrian commuter is presented with a clear vision of what lies ahead . Retaining the current carrousel steps-seating pad opens up possibilities of even an additional water fountain with laser light show capabilities in the center of the river channel. The new fountain would be the crowning touch to a new theater of entertainment on the river!

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