Preservation - Blueprint for a Dream

The preservation of an antique carrousel is an ongoing process. There's nothing that can be done to change that, but there are a number of things that can be done to slow the aging process and to reduce the effort required to keep our 1909 Looff in world-class condition!

Helena, Montana
New building with air conditioning, ice cream parlor, etc. New construction includes all climate facilities for year round operation.

Conditioned air and controlled humidity preserves both man and beast. With antique carrousel figures, the control of these two environments with air conditioning and humidifiers is the best tool in their continued preservation. Limited exposure to the sun's ultra violet rays also helps. This can be accomplished by locating the windows to reduce ultra violet exposure, and by the use of modern E-rated filmed glass in the windows and doors.

Missoula, Montana
Missoula's new building includes the Groups Sales office and a carving-restoration-educational area
A carrousel figure that has become worn or damaged by years of the abuse of uncaring and uneducated riders often receives further damage on the way to the restoration shop. The figures are made to hang in suspension, and aren't prepared to cope with the stress of a ride to the shop. Modern carrousel buildings are equipped with restoration areas to eliminate this unnecessary transportation.

Antique carrousel figures must be repaired and maintained just as any mechanical device. With the planned demolition of the restoration area in the old science pavillion, repairs should be made on site in a new building. Planned with appropriate natural and artificial light and adequate ventilation, a safer and more productive environment can be created for both the workers and the carrousel components.

Salem, Oregon
Carrousel tours of the wood carving shop. Salem's workshop is used as a teaching tool. Source, Salem Riverfront Park's Carrousel, published 2000.
The preservation-restoration areas in a new carrousel building would include informational displays, and would be designed for viewing and educational tours. The education experience would be designed to educate the public on the history of the Spokane carrousel as well as its future. The continued support of the carrousel legacy is an important factor in its continued preservation.

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