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Our carrousel was built in Riverside, Rhode Island by the Charles I.D. Looff company. Just a few years before building our carrousel, Looff established a showcase carrousel at Crescent Park, near the site of his shop. This carrousel was equipped with a wide variety of carousel figures much as an automobile showroom is equipped today, allowing his customers to see, ride and choose their favorites. His workshop has long since been dismantled, but the showcase carrousel remains and has been recently restored.

As with Spokane's carrousel, Looff designed a building to house the carrousel. However, in the case of the Crescent Park carrousel, the building remains and has been recently restored! Here is some information about the restoration.

"The carrousel building designs of yesterday were as recognizable to the public as McDonald's Golden Arches are today."

Why Restore the Carrousel?
Restoration of this Carrousel as a part of our heritage is of paramount importance for all the citizens of Rhode Island. Wooden carrousels are going fast. According to the Smithsonian Institute, there are about 225 carrousels for 225 million people in the United States.

For over 100 years Crescent Park was the center for family recreation. Over 50,000 persons a day flocked to the park by car, trolley and steamboat. Today, with the demise of Crescent Park, it is imperative to preserve the Carrousel and to develop the land around it set aside for public use. The Carrousel is irreplaceable and its value is increasing every day. It is of utmost importance to restore this valuable work of art as a public use amenity, and as a part of our American heritage. Your help is needed to insure the Carrousel's place in our history.
Crescent Park Cutaway
Crescent Park architectural cut-away drawing showing ventilation, pit, mechanical and size of building in relationship to carrousel. The original building included all the necessary space and mechanical requirements including air circulation.

Completed Crescent Park Building
The Completed Cresent Park Building
Riverside, RI

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