Funding - Blueprint for a Dream

There are a number of possibilities for funding the project to remodel the carrousel and gondola:

Salem, Oregonís new carrousel and building. The building was designed to appear like the original railway depot. It has good light, good signage and a great floor plan for marketing and riding the carrousel. However, they do have problems with acoustics for the large band organ due to all the hard surfaces used.

  • Council Bonds
    Base building costs could be funded by council bonds. Repayment of these borrowed funds would be repaid by:
    • Increased Revenue through ticket sales from the new and better presentation of successful revenue generating venues - the carrousel and the gondola. "Honeymoon" period of increase sales.
    • New Revenue from support products for the users of the new interactive fountain such as lockers and towel rentals.
    • Increased Group Marketing sales generated from the new and improved facilities and expanded hours.
    • Increased Revenue by packaging the educational tours of the carrousel and its history with "The Gondola Ride Over the Falls".

  • General Bonds via taxpayer vote

    Seebreeze, Rochester, N.Y
    Was designed to match original that burned in 1995. Includes hardwood floors for acoustics and dancing. Has an open patio seating area with red rocking chairs. This is another carrousel tradition as many people would enjoy the views and the music from the rockers.

  • Additional Grant Funding Possibilities
    • Washington State Historical Grants
    • Energy and Environmental Grants
      Grants for the gondola, energy efficient structures, people movers, and economic development are just some of the possibilities to be considered.
    • Community Fund Raising
      Other communities have had successful fund raising programs to "Adopt a horse, a brick, or a copper horse tile". Expanded memorial and other on site construction sponsorship fund raising programs should also be considered.
    • A Centennial Celebration
      A centennial celebration of the 1909 Looff Carrousel opens the doors to produce related special products and commemorative collectable items.
      This could include a new policy to encourage private sector creation of general trademarked resale products available to local merchants. Some examples are books, calendars and specialty trademarked souvenir products featuring the carrousel, the gondola and the features of Riverfront Park.

Midway, N.Y
The original carrousel was replaced in the 1950ís. The building is original in the nostalgic amusement park located on a lake bay with cabins and nature trails.

From tokens to restrooms to snacks and gifts, very limited space is now available in Spokane to market the carrousel products, provide services or offer a good view of the ride.

Painted Pony Gift Shop, Helena, Montana. Shopping is a major part of the revenue generated by todayís carrousels. Quite often the retail revenue is much greater than ticket sales.

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