Expanded Marketing - Blueprint for a Dream

We've got a very unique piece of art and machinery in our carrousel. It's not just an antique carrousel, but it's one of very few antique carrousels in the country that still has all of its original figures as well as its original band organ.

Because of its wide appeal, our carrousel has the potential of drawing in customers who may be interested in other attractions at Riverfront Park:

Present flower bed blocking vista and access to Howard Street corridor. Just imagine...A redesign would create a more open plaza with new creative surfaces
Natural Resources
The expansion of the gondola, the opening up of the river vistas and pathways, and the addition of important support facilities would enhance the natural area experience and marketing appeal of Riverfront Park.

Historic Tourism Marketing
The return to a traditional carrousel building would give instant recognition of what lies within. This also enhances the current growing trend of historical marketing of Spokane's greatest treasures.

A user friendly and improved South Entrance would open up Riverfront Park, the river and the north-south corridors. This would prepare the park for future automated people-movers to the north bank area and its future improvements.
Trolley Park Depot Photograph
Crescent Park
Historical photograph with trolley park depot structure and front entrance to park. A new location for Spokane's carrousel could not only be a historical asset but could also be used to facilitate a docking depot for a people-mover for the north-south Howard Street corridor.
Mansfield Ohio Carrousel Building
Mansfield, Ohio
New carrousel building built to be center of redeveloped downtown with separate area for gift shop and group sales entrances.

Convention Marketing
It's hard to disguise a big red wagon, but we have done a great job of hiding our beautiful, antique carrousel. The carrousel enjoys being part of the attraction of activities held at the Spokane Convention Center. With the new expansion of the convention facility, the new fountain, a new gondola facility, and a new recognizable carrousel structure, the marketing appeal of Spokane broadens greatly. It is what separates Spokane from just any other "convention location!" and is why it is now often included in convention activities.

Ontario Beach Building
Ontario Beach,NY
Historic building with center design and square outside areas currently under restoration by the County Parks System.
Inside of Shelby, NC Buildling
Inside view of Shelby, NC building and their great presentation of the carrousel. Photo taken from the commemorative limited edition calendar that was also used as a fundraising tool for the building project.

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